The Ideal User

For users who revel in extreme activities, Freedom Innovations’ Maverick Xtreme and Xtreme AT fiberglass feet will exceed their highest demands in all terrains to take them wherever they want to go for whatever they want to do.

Maverick Xtreme is the solid keel version that provides extreme durability and flexibility.

Maverick Xtreme AT comes with all the Xtreme benefits in a split keel design for better ground compliance.

Made with a lightweight fiberglass composite in an innovative heel/keel design, Maverick feet offer durability and flexibility without compromising on product weight or energy storage and return.



Maverick is the lightest fiberglass foot option available. 

  • Increased durability without compromising the desired energy storage/return

  • Smooth roll-over during stance phase of gait

  • Lightweight fiberglass

  • Innovative heel/keel design

  • Split keel (Maverick Xtreme AT) for more ground compliance

  • Waterproof

  • Regular and Sandal Toe Option

  • Designed for high impact, extreme user

  • Proudly Made in the US




• User Weight Ratings - 365 lbs.

• Available in sizes 23cm - 30cm

• Available Sandal Toe Sizes: 23cm-28cm
• Build Height - 6.9” / 175mm
• Average Product Weight*:

    - Maverick Xtreme: 1.86 lbs / 846 g

    - Maverick Xtreme AT: 1.62 lbs / 737 g

• Split Keel option: Maverick Xtreme AT

• Toe option: Regular and Sandal
• Warranty:  36 months

*Based on size 26cm, category 4, with foot shell